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Composing Bibliography For Thesis Report

Posted by on Oct 8, 2014 in Education | 0 comments

Thesis writing is a detailed task, which takes days and weeks’ long time. A thesis or research report is considered incomplete, if it does not have any bibliography section. Bibliography section is dedicated to the sources from where you have collected your data and information for your research assignment. In the bibliography, in the ending pages of your report, you list all the sources, in order of their appearance (or alphabetically). You have to list all the sources of information, as books, articles, pages, websites, quotes, speeches, etc. in the bibliography section of your research report. Every book, which you would read in your masters’ degree or research program, will have a bibliography, which will cite what sources have been used while drafting the book. Bibliography is a detailed list of books and sources that have helped the author in completing his research. You put them all in the bibliography section. For thesis report, you have to mention all the sources in the list, it does not matter, whether you have used them or not. It is not a descriptive section of the report, though it is a score pulling factor. It is an important part of a research report. It reflects your hard work and efforts, and increases the value of your work. To create bibliography for your thesis or research report assignment, you should keep a notepad with you, from the very first day of your research assignment. You should note down every small and significant thing that you encounter while doing your research work. Do not miss a single thing, as every small source matters, when you are out for your project assignment. You should maintain the bibliography page from the day one. You should put all your data and sources on the bibliography...

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